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The intention of this website is not to publish all of the Kipper Family lyrics but to give an idea of the genius of the songs. Also the main focus being the early albums. Regarding Sid Kipper you can find comprehensive lyrics at his website (address below) hence the fact that there are not many Sid Kipper lyrics on this website. The ones included here are again to show the genius of the songs.

Album: Since Time Immoral

Not Sixteen Til Sunday
The Male Female Highwayman
The Unlaid Maid
All On The Shore (The Body)
Hollow Ground
Dido, Fido
The Village P.I.M.P.
To Be A Pharmacist
A Lightweight Dirge

Album: The Ever Decreasing Circle

Rusty Cold Farmer
The Trunch Wassail Song
The Losing of the Whale
The Southrepps May Song
Wild Mounting Time 
Bald General Coote
Harvest Away
Joan Sugarbeet
Spencer The Wild Rover
The Poacher's Christmas

Album: Arrest these Merry Gentlemen

Arrest these Merry Gentlemen
The Disabled Seaman

Album: Fresh Yesterday

Big Musgrave
Bored Of The Dance
One Drunken Maiden
The Seven Deadly Sins

Album: In the Family Way

(Do) The Rock Of Ages
We Did It Sideways
The Trousers In Between
The Bonny Spotted Cuckoo
We're Norfolk And Good

Album: Like a Rhinestone Ploughboy

The Old, Waily, Windy Knight
The Innocent Dodo
The Twenty Pound Frog
Gobblers in the Garden
All Things are Quite Equal
The Stick of Rhubarb

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